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We've crafted the best
in class payment software.

Combining sophisticated software, enhanced payment mechanics and data aggregation to enable
virtually instant business payments options for accounts receivable or payable.

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See how Zūm Rails can streamline your financial interactions and get your organization paid quicker.

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Users can connect to their financial accounts, agree to a pad, all within seconds using our Zūm Connect iFrame (SDK payment flow). Additional data, KYC, and account balances can be returned to help automate risk / underwriting decisions.

Invoicing &

Automate and Digitize your Accounts Receivables to ensure payments come in 24/7, instead of just between 9-5.  Use our subscription billing platform to offer flexible solutions for your clients.

All in one payment gateway

Credit Card, EFT, Interac and Visa/MC debit all in ones system combined with data aggregation in a PCI compliant environment.


Get on-demand customer specific reporting and data rich payment history to optimize your back office operations.

Email & SMS
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Choose from up to 5 payment methods, including real-time payment rails, EFT and credit card to meet any business need.


Complete Flexibility & Control To Fit Your Ideal Customer Experience.

Our technology gives you the freedom to implement a payments solution that fits your existing workflows and allows you to automate and streamline any manual processes in your customer journey.


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