A smarter and faster way to move funds instantly.

Our data and AI-powered platform enables B2B and B2C EFT payments to be processed virtually instantly.

Zūm puts the pieces together to automate the financial interaction between you and your clients through our responsive API.

Empowering companies to focus on their core business

Zūm has reimagined the way payments should look and feel. Gone are the days of clunky batch files, antiquated protocols, and zero visibility into payment statuses. Today, your business can utilize our industry-leading Cloud-based platform and API to optimize your payment workflow and ensure your money moves as fast as your business does.

With our Iframe, EFT payments can emulate that of credit cards but at fraction of the cost.


Our secret sauce...

Our plug-and-play platform combines multiple financial partners, fintechs, and KYC tools that operate seamlessly, creating the most sophisticated and user-friendly payment platform. Our proprietary AI and risk engine empowers more intelligent and more secure payments.

Your organization can leverage our iFrame to perform KYC, onboarding, adjudication, and payment initiation in a single API call. Additionally, you can know your data is safe by having it tokenized on our secure server.

As if this wasn’t enough, we are disrupting the industry with our AI-powered score to predict whether a payment will be successful, bounce, or be charged back.


Rely on Zūm to tokenize and store all sensitive data on our PCI compliant servers to avoid costly audits and limit your exposure

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Become a partner

Are you looking to automate EFT payments within your software or product offering?

We got you covered. Our product was designed with partners in mind.

Our white labeled Partner Portal allows you to automate the movement of funds, as well as setup, manage, and track all payments within your environment.


Meet The Founders

Why us?

You can’t build a product for a problem you don’t understand. The co-founders of Zūm have witnessed payment inefficiencies first hand and truly understand the problem. Two unlikely fintech entrepreneurs came together to crack the holy grail of payments and save Canadian businesses billions in payment inefficiencies and operational delays.

Zūm was started by two founders who are polar opposites, an odd couple, so to speak. Zūm was founded by Marc Milewski, a technical payment guru who lived on a farm on Prince Edward Island, and Miles Schwartz, a former fashion model who excels at connecting with others and scaling tech companies. This opposite, yet complimentary, duo creates the perfect team to finally solve what’s plagued Canadian payments for decades.

It was always Marc’s dream to reimagine the way payments are done in Canada. However, there was one missing piece. But when Marc met Miles they quickly realized they each had the other’s ‘missing piece to the payments puzzle - and Zūm was born.

Marc Milewski

Marc, one of the original employees at Versapay, possesses over fifteen years experience in payments and currently processes billions of dollars for thousands of clients.

Miles Schwartz

Miles was at Flinks from the beginning as Chief Sales Officer and Partner. Through his obsession with solving client’s problems, he was able to spearhead the revenue growth that enabled Flinks to become a top FinTech in Canada.

Our culture

All of our divergent personalities are sewn together to tackle this problem head-on and once and for all solve the EFT payment problem that has plagued Canada for too long.

Zūm encourages intrapreneurs and top developers who are passionate about solving the “holy grail” of finance by modernizing payments.

Want to be part of the tribe?

Send your resume to careers@zumrails.com